Peter Barry - Noble Gas Geochemist (WHOI)

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What I'm interested in:

The goal of my research is to understand the volatile history and chemical evolution of Earth. Specifically, I use stable and noble gas isotope systematics to understand the dynamic processes of subduction, mantle convection and surface volcanism, which control the redistribution of chemical constituents between the crust and mantle reservoirs. I am interested in addressing a diverse array of geochemical questions, pertaining to both igneous and crustal systems. My primary research focus has been on high-temperature geochemistry, crust-mantle interactions and the behavior of volatile fluids in the lithosphere.  However, my most recent research focuses on using noble gas geochemistry to better understand crustal systems, including hydrocarbon formation and transport mechanisms. 

Contact Info:

Pete Barry

Assistant Scientist
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Dept.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Tel.: +1-508-289-2327
Email: [email protected]